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Living With Floodplains And Floodways In Hamburg Township

Hamburg Flooding Response Action Plan (FRAP)

This Flooding Response Action Plan (Flooding Response Action Plan) for the Township of Hamburg (Township) covers the assessing of the flooding hazards within the boundaries of Hamburg Township and the properties on Riverside Drive located in Green Oak Township which road is accessible through Hamburg Township, summarizes previous and current Hamburg Township and Livingston County programs, describes potential mitigation strategies, and presents a plan for future action.

Although this FRAP provides an overall summary of flooding issues in the Township of Hamburg and holistically describes existing programs and capabilities, it is intended primarily to address concerns with the identification of event thresholds required to trigger various levels of emergency response actions in regards to high water/flooding events along the Huron River in the areas of Hamburg and Green Oak Townships, and the Chain of Lakes in Hamburg Township.

The FRAP was last amended on 01/07/2014 by the Township Board of Trustees.  View the FRAP (.pdf).